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Mortgage Broking in Port Macquarie

The right mortgage brokers to find the right finance for your needs.

Can you imagine what it would be like to obtain your new home or business with the ease of dealing with professionals who can offer products independently from numerous banks and lenders? (If you approach your own bank...whose products will they recommend?)


At COMPASS Lending & Finance, we work for you, not the banks! Imagine what it's like to have someone to handle all that bureaucracy for you! We provide answers when you need them and offer ongoing feedback to ensure your peace of mind. Our goal is to help you get the best finance for your needs by considering all the options on the mortgage market - not just what one institution offers.


How to finance

No matter what your goals are, COMPASS Lending & Finance can make them happen! For your personal dreams or your business goals, the experts at COMPASS Lending & Finance will help you to safely & securely achieve them.


Michael Clarke is our mortgage expert. He has over 30 years experience in the lending & finance industry.. read his full profile here.


COMPASS provides innovative financial solutions for: Residential Home Loans; Investment Property Loans; Commercial & Business lending; Finance for vehicles and equipment.


Your Mortgage Broking Professional will work with you to secure Finance or Lending for your new home, investment property or Motor Vehicle”. They will be your representative with the Banks to make the process easier and more successful. They also have the advantage of: 

Use a Mortgae Broker in Port Macquarie
AFG Professional Advantage Mortgage Broker Port Macquarie

Identify Financial Strengths

COMPASS will identify strengths in your financial position whether its personal or business (for self employed) …and thereby assist to develop your loan application. Your Mortgage Broker will also assist to develop strategies to overcome any perceived financial weakness in your application.


Save Money

In completing quality analysis of your business or personal financial position it can result in lower pricing costs (interest and fees) to you.


Professional Advantage

COMPASS improves the percentage of loan approvals as opposed to loan refusals, through a high quality of loan preparation and presentation.To view COMPASS lending and finance's Privacy Policy please click here.




Please note that COMPASS lending and finance advice is provided independently of the authority provided by Charter Financial Planning. Therefore, Charter Financial Planning is not responsible for any actions provided by COMPASS lending and finance in relation to these services.

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