Robert & Robert are Accredited as "Aged Care Advice Specialists" in Port Macquarie. Entry into Aged Care or "nursing homes" is a complex and difficult time for all the family members involved. We successfully help you to reduce the fees that the Aged Care facility charge and we help you to maximise Centrelink support. 


We understand the complex issues involved when you or your loved ones enter into Aged Care. We have had first hand experience in advising clients and our own family members on what to do. There are many decisions to consider and making the wrong choice can increase the fees you are charged in accordance with the rules. It may also result in reduction or even removal of your Centrelink payments. So seeking advice will help you to make the right decisions. We help you through the difficult process to remove the worry that you go through.


Aged Care finacial planning specialists in Port Macquarie
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