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These are some of the testimonials that we'd like to share with you from some of our valued clients.


Thank you again for your help in refinancing- a great experience with you guys 😊


I am so happy I have done this. It is greatly appreciated for your time, quick replies to me, help in getting the best deal that suits me and also responding to issues by third party and supporting me through that-you both have been wonderful, helpful friendly and very professional.


Working with Kellie has been an absolute god send!!

Kellie is exceptionally knowledgeable regarding aged care and has the most lovely personality that puts you at ease during times that can be very very stressful.

Kellie has given me very sound advice regarding my father and I am so grateful to her and the team at Compass financial services.

Engaging Kellie and Compass financial won't be decision you will regret!!!

Gail Moore

Last year my elderly Auntie became unable to stay in her own home and needed nursing home care.


The amount of paperwork required for Aged Care and Centrelink was unbelievable and I couldn’t understand most of it. The nursing home recommended Kellie Seymour from Compass Financial to help with the paper work and financial side of Auntie’s move.


I was able to concentrate on moving my auntie out of her unit, helping her to settle in to her new home and attending to her needs while Kellie took care of rest.


Kellie sorted out any problems there were which ended up saving my Aunty money and she chased up Centrelink and DVA so I didn’t have to worry.


Kellie is friendly and helpful and I don’t think I could have got through this difficult time without her. Kellie’s help has been invaluable to my Aunty and me and I would recommend her services.

M. Sallos

Michael Clarke of Compass Lending and Finance assisted me in re--‐financing my mortgage in 2016  --‐ I was a single mother working part time for a multi national company and consulting part time as an Executive Assistant.


I was under no illusions I was a risky customer in the eyes of the banks, but at no time did Michael make me feel my case was impossible or hopeless. Indeed, he encouraged me at every stage to have faith that he would secure a good deal for me.


Michael delivered on his promise and my new mortgages (one, a home loan and the other, an investment loan) left me approximately $1,000 better off each month compared to my previous arrangement. I was very satisfied to say the least.


Recently I had cause to contact Michael again after receiving notification from my lender that my two mortgage interest rates were to increase. I spoke to Michael on a Tuesday and by Thursday he had called me with good news. My saving this time is in the $1,000’s per year.


I have no hesitation whatsoever in referring and recommending Michael Clarke & Compass Lending & Finance – in fact I encourage anyone I encounter who mentions mortgages or re--‐financing to contact them as soon as possible.


Murray Thompson

My recent experience with Compass Financial Management has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and expert advice, together with friendly and timely assistance to establish a new consultancy business.

The Compass team were able to advise me on the most appropriate business structure, financial and taxation management matters, related insurance requirements and a variety of other issues necessary to ensure the successful commencement for my future business activities.

These initial business establishment activities are now being supported with ongoing financial planning and taxation advice, which will actively support the continued development of my business activities and ensure long-term financial stability.


Karen Nixon

Just a note to say "Thank You" so very much for the assistance in sorting the superannuation and tax from Bob's estate, with such a positive outcome. I am so grateful for all your assistance in all matters since Bob's passing, it is very much appreciated.


Jo from Taree

Recently I thought it would be good to catch up with financial advisor to make sure that my super and everything were still doing what was best for me and to advise them on a change in my personal life. Whilst there I mentioned that I may be looking at purchasing a property soon so they introduced me to Michael. From the very beginning Michael made me feel confident in his introduction of himself and services. Although I wasn't quite ready to purchase anything there and then as soon as I had something I contacted Michael and he offered me suitable alternatives and explained each one thoroughly so I could choose what was best for me. Throughout the process Michael and Belinda kept looking out for me by keeping me updated every step of the way. I recommend Michael and the team to anyone who is looking for a home loan and best to work with in their means.

Lyn in Port Macquarie

Michael & Belinda knew what they were talking about and conveyed confidence to us.

He could not have been more understanding and helpful with the manner in which he provided the best outcome for us.

I just wanted to congratulate you Michael & Belinda on everything they did for us.

Susan King

I'm writing to provide you with feedback on client experience that Michael Clarke has provided to us.

We have been extremely happy with his service and advice. Initially when my husband and I were looking into refinancing our home loan, we felt very nervous and overwhelmed by the number of options there were and we wanted to make sure that we would be getting the best deal to suit our needs which would allow us to quickly pay off our loan in a suitable time frame.

Michael came highly recommended to us and we have been very pleased that we contacted Michael for further advice and assistance. This has resulted in us being able to make some decisions on our financial commitments that we feel more comfortable with. Even with living in the Northern Territory, this has not hindered Michael's support to us and in very short timeframes, which we are very grateful for.

We have no hesitation in recommending Michael's service and advice to anyone, so much so that we have already recommended him to a work colleague who was struggling to find a financial advisor which could assist him satisfactorily. He has contacted Michael and has also been very impressed with the high level of service that Michael has provided.

Kerry Spicer

‘Having to place mum into care was daunting to say the least. Contacting Compass Financial was a smart thing to do and the beginning of a valuable partnership.

I have greatly appreciated Kellie’s guidance, professionalism and her attention to detail. The transition from home environment to Nursing home has been seamless with all financial communications between Government agencies handled by the Compass.  I would highly recommend Compass for any financial service you would require.


Di from Port Macquarie

Rob and his friendly team at Compass have given me invaluable advice and guidance over the last few years. Their support has allowed me to feel safe in the knowledge that I am doing the best I can for my financial security. Any queries, however insignificant I think they may be, are always handled in a very professional way. I would highly recommend Compass to anyone who needs assistance in any areas of finance.

Grant Parsons

In late 2020, amid COVID travel restrictions, I faced needing to assist my elderly parents to navigate my father's move into respite, then permanent aged care before his eventual passing in early 2021.


Navigating the aged care system, Centrelink and my parents' financial affairs proved complex and challenging, exacerbated by the need to assist from the other side of Australia. After calling several advisors, I was lucky enough to speak with Kellie Seymour from Compass Financial Management and, from the first conversation, felt comfortable that I had found the expert I was seeking.


Kellie's ongoing financial advice, planning, liaising with aged care, government, and financial institutions has been invaluable. Her tireless pursuit of achieving the best outcomes, her diligence in explaining all possible scenarios, coupled with her exhaustive knowledge of the required legislation and processes, and the local aged care community in the Mid North Coast are impressive.


The clear and concise communication, patience, and empathy Kellie has exhibited throughout this challenging time has made her an absolute pleasure to deal with and left me confident my elderly mother is in good hands.


I would highly recommend Kellie to anyone seeking financial services or aged care advice.

Leigh L

My 90 year old mother has been dealing with Compass Financial Management for many years now. Her dealings in particular with Kellie Seymour has been excellent and always professional.

My mother and I have always had trust issues where money is concerned but with Kellie this has proved to be unfounded.

My mother has always been kept up to date with what is happening in her investment portfolio and the yearly review she received is testament that all is well managed.

My mother recently moved into an Aged Care facility at Port Macquarie and Kellie was kind enough to take her there, get her settled in and also taking care of all necessary formalities. This was a blessing as I live interstate and was not able to be there at the time of admission.

Kellie has done other caring things for my mother  up and beyond the call of duty.

I wish we had more people in the world like Kellie.


Mel (a poet) from Port Macquarie

The Compass team - what an excellent find, financial package that's one of a kind, making you feel welcome at the front door, with a range of services to explore.

My experience - always a pleasure, discussing ideas with ease, in leisure: all questions and queries, worries and woes, are met with answers as my knowledge grows.

I place my trust in this confident crew, complete satisfaction in all they do: Financial assistance keeps mind at rest, in the hands of Compass - for they know best.

Chris and Michelle

I just wanted to provide some real time, feedback on the value of your knowledge and service.

We spoke approximately 3 months ago when we received a letter from our bank saying that our unused but available 'facilities', and other loan arrangements we had in place for opportunities as they arose, could be closed 'if we wanted'....and that the bank would pay any costs associated.

We checked with you and you said words to the effect that they were fishing and while unlikely to occur without our consent, that stranger things had happened.

You suggested we reply to the bank saying that we did not want these to close and to get something in writing re confirmation.

Lucky us!

Michelle and I went to our branch, met with the loans manager and she assured us it was impossible to close without consent.

The branch manager came in and said likewise.

I asked if we could get a confirmation in writing....of course that was not possible.

The cynic in me was getting itchy and I pushed the point that I did not want us to become a victim of bank bureaucracy. I also raised that we felt a little unloved and that we had not heard from our 'account manager' for 18 months....and that strangely, we had started getting charged for things we never did previously, we had received these letters and we were aware of our interest rates not having kept up with better markets....always throw that in!

Within 24 hours, we had our phone call, improved rates and absolute assurances regarding our facilities being available.


Then, last week we received strange letters, multiple copies with different dates, for most loans stating we had asked for changes and that our facilities would be altered?!

We had done no such thing so we rang again....

Do I have to say it.....our facilities were being cancelled and it was only just picked up by our account manager who somehow had managed to stop it...but she had to do extra paper work and thus we got letters......we were within 24 hours of all of our facilities being cancelled!

We now have confirmation....that was impossible to get before....

Without us raising the query with you and seeking guidance, and then following through, all of our additional facilities would have been cancelled.  As you know, given my short term change in circumstance, this would have been unlikely to have been reinstated and may have resulted in us either missing opportunity, costing us more or at very least been a real PIA to we dodged a bullet.

Thanks for help again


If you are navigating the confusing and emotional journey of Aged Care services for a loved one, don’t try struggling though on your own, I highly recommend speaking to Kellie Seymour at Compass Financial Management. Kellie is a wealth of knowledge, she is compassionate, professional and extremely helpful. She took the worry away for me and gave me simple to understand options so I knew that financially we had taken into consideration my loved one’s best interests. It was an enormous relief at a very difficult time. Her ongoing follow up has also been invaluable in taking one thing off my plate so that I can concentrate on the care of my loved one. Thank you Kellie.


Negotiating with Age Care, Centrelink and heightened emotions dealing with your sick parent, is a very difficult journey. Without Kellie’s help, we just couldn’t have done it! She communicated, advocated, problem solved and assisted us with everything! I couldn’t recommend Kellie more highly! 



I needed help with a Trauma insurance claim due to a medical condition which was going to put me out of work for quite some time.

I was initially concerned about all the bureaucracy, phone calls, etc.

What I found was that Kellie from Compass Financial Management was going to take care of this, which was great as I was not in the position to do this on my own, I just needed to focus on my road to recovery.

The results that I got were fantastic and a real peace of mind knowing that my medical bills will increase over the next few years. I would have never thought (and hoped) that I would have to use this Trauma claim.

Everybody at Compass has been very helpful, not just with my Trauma claim but also with good advice from time to time ever since we joined Compass about 13 years ago.

I would recommend Compass Financial Management to anyone that needs a helping hand in achieving financial goals.

Once again thank you Compass.


I know I have personally thanked your staff for their support and assistance over the past 2 years, but I want to just make sure you knew what a great job your team was doing.

My sister and I would like to thank the whole Compass Team for their compassion, support, guidance and advice during the transitions from moving dad, then mum into residential aged care, and then having to sell the family home.  It is not until you are thrust into having to make decisions on behalf of your parents that will affect their quality of life do you actually realise how ill prepared you are to make informed decisions.

As a family we have had to struggle to deal with mum and dad’s declining physical and cognitive heath.  On top of that we faced the added confusion of all things government and the correct steps required to navigate the myriad of systems. Plus the added frustration of dealing with the aged care facility to ensure we were paying the correct amounts. 

Personally, it was such a relief to deal with a business who understood the situation, provided proactive advice and were approachable.  This certainly gave our family ‘peace of mind’ during some very difficult and stressful times.

We especially valued the authentic care and compassion given by your team, which was demonstrated in the time Kellie and you spent with mum. You both listened to mum’s concerns and responded with empathy and carefully addressed each concern in language that mum could understand.

We have certainly appreciated having Kellie managing the entangled web of all things Centrelink and aged care.  She tirelessly chased up and resolved the previous issues we had with Centrelink records. Kellie then proactively monitored things and has kept us regularly updated via email and phone calls.

We certainly appreciated the fact that our parents were seen, heard and valued. Our family are both relieved and grateful for all the assistance Compass has provided us to ensure Centrelink and what aged care facility fees needed to be paid was done correctly.

Thank you.

Bruce Carrick

Over the past two years I have had financial dealings with Michael Clarke and his team from Compass Lending & Finance at 158 Gordon Street Port Macquarie.

It is with his absolute sincerity and pleasure that I can highly recommend Michale's services which I have found to be professional, ethical, effective and any other high praise that relates to his services.

Michael is extremely honest, knowledgeable, and courteous and his work and advice is always credible and far beyond whatever I expected. I definitely could not have purchased my last two properties without him.

I am more than willing to personally speak to anybody about my feelings for Michael and his business and I am not one to give high praise 'wily nily' for anybody as I also rely on my credibility to survive.


Kellie Seymour has been so helpful in guiding us through all the steps that are involved in placing our parents into an aged care facility. She has taken the time to meet via zoom with the family members and explain the hurdles and challenges involved and then guided us through the process. She has gone above and beyond the necessary requirements with dealing with the facility to ensure that my parents had the best possible outcomes that were available to them. We have continued to use Kellies services to deal with Centrelink which has been very worthwhile, helping us to maximise their pensions.

Kellie has shown compassion and understanding in this complex area and always taken the time to answer our queries. In what is a very stressful time, Kellie has alleviated our concerns and frustrations and guided us through the roller coaster of the aged care system.

I can’t recommend enough the benefit of using a financial advisor in this complex area and Kellie Seymour and the team at Compass were just what our family needed. I would recommend them completely.

Our Referral Policy

A referral from an existing client is the preferred way for a new client to find us. With so many opinions and so much information available, a referral from a friend or colleague makes the decision of finding an adviser so much easier. As a result, we receive many referrals from our clients and treat each referral very seriously.


Just in case there was someone you knew who requires our assistance in the future, you should be aware of our Referral Policy;

All referrals from clients are treated on a no-obligation basis. We welcome the opportunity to meet with any referrals, but there is no pressure placed on them.


We maintain strict confidentiality and Privacy Policy procedures between clients and any of their referrals. We cannot discuss either party's situation between them.


​We ask for a brief introduction (phone call, coffee, email, seminar) to any client referral, to avoid any surprises or the feeling of a "tele-marketer".


Thank you.


The best compliment is a referral.


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