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Financial Planning clients in Port Macquarie have individual needs and circumstances. Our advice is tailored to your personal situation and specific objectives.

Professional people needing finacial planning


Many of our clients are professionals with accounting, legal or medical backgrounds. They are also Architects, Dentists, Physios, Engineers. Being "experts" in their own profession they are "time poor" when dealing with financial matters. They are seeking advice from someone who understands the financial issues they need to manage.

Businss owners needing financia planning in Port Macquarie

Business Owners

Our business owner clientele are often "Time Poor". They place less priority on their personal financial matters. Often they forget to address the important things....Their lifestyle and family.....and the financial issues that help them to improve their quality of life. Alternatively, they are seeking effective tax strategy, accounting or bookkeeping. They may also be seeking Mortgage Broking, Finance or Lending Advice.

employees needing financial panning services in Port Macquarie


Many of our clients are part of businesses we provide corporate advice to and want to deal with someone who understands the superannuation and insurance arrangements their employer provides and can integrate into their personal planning.

Pre retirees need advice from a financial planner

Pre - Retirees and Retirees

Our retiree clients are "busy" enjoying their lifestyle goals now. We help ensure that they continue to benefit from financial freedom. We help them with all their financial matters, even when they cannot deal with paying the bills. We also work with them on their Estate Planning and work with them and their families when they need us most.

Aged Care financial planning advice in Port Macquarie

Seniors Entering Aged Care

When our more senior clients enter into an Aged Care Facility (“Nursing Home”), they face a difficult time both emotionally and financially. Usually, it becomes a very difficult time for other family members also. The Aged Care Fees create various scenarios to consider regarding Centrelink, Taxation and the family home; which can result in significant financial cost if advice is not obtained. COMPASS financial advisors are “Accredited Aged Care Professionals” and we help ensure that a smooth transition is made into Aged Care and that you or your loved ones are making the most of their financial situation and Centrelink. For more information, you can 


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