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Insurance advice  in Port Macquarie


COMPASS insurance advice provides coverage for your most important assets: YOU and your INCOME. Insurance Advice in Port Macquarie is provided by Accredited Insurance Specialists able to advise you on all your personal insurance needs


The three levels of chaos

There are 3 levels of chaos associated with the death of a loved one or loss of your income due to a severe accident or illness. These are:

Emotional chaos

Organisational chaos

Financial chaos


Having personal life, disability or income insurance in place can help overcome the financial chaos and financial ramifications and in turn this helps with the emotional chaos and organisational chaos.



Insurance Advice and Financial Planning in Port Macquarie


Insurane Strategies in Port Macquarie
Disability finanial plannng insurance
Total Permanent Disablement Insurance Port Macquarie

Your financial plan requires planning for contingencies. Insurance is the "Wealth Protection" strategy to support your wealth accumulation and provide peace of mind. Our advice covers the need for insurance and the options that are available. 


Life Insurance

To cover your mortgage (mortgage protection insurance) and provide funds to your family to support them following death.


Income Protection insurance

The most important insurance because without your income you won't have the means to pay for all your living expenses and necessities. In the event of you being unable to work for a prolonged period of time due to a serious accident or illness, will your business survive? Will your employer continue to pay you income indefinitely? Will your business be able to pay you an income AND you place someone into the business to replace you whilst you recover? Sickness & Accident insurance (called Income Protection) can provide replacement of your income for the rest of your expected working life.


Trauma Recovery Insurance

Provides protection for the impact of the "Big 3" illnesses (Cancer, Heart Disease/Attack, and strokes) and 30+ other serious illnesses. Trauma is often called "living insurance" as you have not died.


Total Permanent Disablement ( "TPD" )

Suffering a "working death" due to a serious illness or accident is often worse than death because you are still alive but not earning an income. So you are another person to support and feed, as well as the likely hospital & rehabilitation costs...and the likelihood is that your spouse will be unable to work also whilst they are caring for you. And Government support allowances are the same as "the dole" (Newstart Allowance) and that may not be enough to pay for your Mortgage, hospital expenses and ongoing living expenses.


Serious Illness or terrible accidents affects us all…and it is devastating to see close friends and family struck down by an illness or accident. It is staggering to see the huge range of CLAIMS that we have handled for clients at COMPASS and here are several examples of them…click here to read  “



It is very easy to find an excuse not to seek advice regarding your personal insurance….and it is easy to think that there are better things to spend your money on. Could there be anything more important than you or your family? Watch this video about Emma and Chris.

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