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Times of Catastrophe

Well it looks like we’re in for a long hot, dry and for many, a dangerous Summer given the extremely dry conditions.

For those directly impacted by the fires (and we have had clients who have lost their houses), we know words do little in times such as we have recently faced (and for many, continue to face) and for that reason we would encourage all of you who can, to please donate your time, money, goods, etc to help out those less fortunate.

We had a staff meeting recently and while various members of our team have suffered a few anxious moments, I am glad to say that at this stage none of them have lost anything. The overwhelming comments in the room however, was that in these terrible times, we are seeing the best of human nature.

Everyone who had experienced some hairy moments said they have had numerous offers of assistance, and while it is terrible that it takes something like this to occur to remind us that human kindness is not dead and buried, it is nice to receive that reassurance. For the clients who live out of the area who have rung to see if we are ok, your thoughts have been really appreciated, thank you.

For those that have directly suffered, numerous of the larger Corporates have said they will offer support where they can, eg in the form of premium waivers for insurance, relief from loan payments and the like. So I would encourage you to make contact with us if we manage your policy/loan etc, or directly to the company if it’s something we can’t assist with.

The COMPASS team are here to help where we can and along with our thoughts and prayers, we hope to support you with our actions as well.

Keep safe.


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