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COMPASS Helping The Community

At the recent IGA Hastings Co-operative annual grants awards evening, Wauchope Soccer Club (WSC) received a grant of in excess of $3,000 . It was received by club president Michael Clarke (from COMPASS) & was presented by mayor Peter Bessling.

The club intends to use the grant to assist in an arts & culture based project at their Fairmont Gardens sporting ground. There are two solid steel shutters which protect the clubs canteen from vandalism & it’s proposed that the club contract a local indigenous artist to design & create an artwork for these shutters. In addition to that, it is intended that a second project be undertaken for a large mural of contemporary theme be designed & created for the western wall of the ‘’old’’ club canteen facility. WSC hope to engage youth artists via TAFE / local schools for this project.

The idea behind this is to build a better connection between youth, community & sport in Wauchope. The projects will culminate in an official opening ceremony at a date yet to be determined.

Watch that space!

Another way that COMPASS involves itself with our community.

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