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“How do you shoot a Prime Minister?”

​ Join us at one of our Valued Client Seminars at Sails Resort on Wed 18th November (Midday or 6PM seminar) to hear from our guest Lifestyle Speaker; Lindsay Moller of Lindsay Moller Photography to find out. Lindsay has won numerous awards, including: the prestigious Walkley Award as Photographer of the Year; and Australian Press Photographer of the Year.

So…how do you photograph a Prime Minister? (especially John Howard?)….or even Business Magnates such as Kerry Packer or Rupert Murdoch (arguably one of the most influential people in the western world)…or to simply catch the essence of the moment of capturing a Veterinary Nurse cuddling someone’s sick pet? Hear Lindsay provide us with some great insight into his amazing photography. Book into the seminar now by emailing or phone our office 6583 2211

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