Seniors Energy & Gas Rebates

Independent retirees who hold a valid Commonwealth Seniors Health Card can apply for the Seniors Energy Rebate. This rebate provides eligible households with a $200 rebate, per year, to help with the cost of living. The rebate is for independent self-funded retirees only. Pensioners and veterans may be eligible for the $285 Low Income Household Rebate.

The NSW Gas Rebate helps people who hold eligible concession cards issued by the Commonwealth Department of Human Services or the Department of Veterans' Affairs pay their natural gas or residential LPG bills. This rebate provides eligible households with a $121 rebate. There are different methods of applying for this rebate, dependant on whether you are a retail customer (ie you get your bill directly from one of the energy retailers, eg AGL or Origin) or if you are an on supply or bottled gas customer (ie you receive your bill or invoice from a strata manager or a community/village operator or if you buy/refill LPG bottled gas.

For information on how to apply for either the Energy or Gas Rebates, go to

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