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Be the change you wish to see

However, it’s a sad reality that everyday we are exposed to bad role models who don’t keep their promises, whether it be politicians, employers, workplace colleagues, or even friends and families. But Alex is adamant that people should care about changing the world though promises made and kept, and that change begins at the grassroots level.

“When we carry around this dangerous idea that the actions of one person doesn’t matter, then that idea costs the world. People stop voting, people don’t volunteer, people don’t show up for engagements, people don’t care. Society breaks down."

“So, keeping promises might seem simple and easy to do, but it’s not. You only need to scratch the surface to understand the effect that broken promises have on unraveling a lot of important parts of society.”

Gandhi famously said: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” It’s this sentiment that Alex whole-heartedly embraces, believing his social movement – because I said I would – is a genuine catalyst for societal change.

“What mostly changes the world are all those little things we do each and every day that we say we will do. So, our movement is about engaging with people to commit to doing the things that are right in front of them – to vote, to go watch your kids play sport, or donate blood just once a year.”

But saying and doing are two completely different things, and Alex believes people can become better at keeping their promises by personally making themselves accountable for them. And what better way of doing that than by the constant reminder of a calendar.

“Most people only use a calendar to diarise meetings. But one of the best ways people can get better with keeping their promises is to add it to their calendar, which not only reminds you about the promise but also keeps you accountable to that promise.”

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