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  • Robert de Lepervanche

It’s not the what, it’s the why

From time to time it’s important that we spend a bit of time “navel gazing” and a recent article I read reminded me of this.

As financial planners, it’s fair to say we can easily get caught up in the facts & figures, but as this article reminded me, that is wrong. The facts & figures are the tools we use (the what) to make our clients goals & aspirations (the why) come to fruition. While the tools we use are important, they are not in themselves the end goal.

Let me elaborate in case I have lost you. No one is interested in dissecting their superannuation funds (the what), but most are interested in building their wealth so they can have a better lifestyle in retirement (the why). Not too many are interested in discussing their personal insurance requirements (let alone paying for it!), but most rate the protection of their family as a key priority.

Hopefully now you see where I’m coming from. Financial planning is often a misunderstood concept, especially by those who aren’t receiving proactive advice. However most can relate to their own “why”, whether that is to build their wealth, feel more secure, protect their family, or feel at ease knowing they are doing the best they can, in the situation they are in.

As our motto says……….our goals are to help you achieve yours………..that’s our “why”, that’s our reason for existing as a business. We truly believe that’s what sets us apart from those who just concentrate on the facts & figures.

We have no desire to be the biggest, but we do strive to do our best. At COMPASS our clients aren’t just the people we sit immediately across from when discussing their “why”, it also includes their parents, their children and their siblings.

If we can help our clients and those around them achieve their “why”, then in some small way we feel as though we are making a real difference to the lives we touch. I can’t think of a much better reason to be in business than that.

As always, your comments are welcome.


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