• Michael Clarke

Spring Awakening

Apart from the season for floral, hay fever & starting afresh, Spring is always a good time to be looking at selling your home because people are awakening out of their hibernation & exploring new places & things. There is a more optimistic mood or atmosphere abounding. However, ‘Timing is Everything’ as they say. Here’s a few tips when thinking about selling your home:-

  • Do you live near the beach or coast. Your street might be packed with cars during ‘Spring Summer’?

  • Is your suburb attractive to tourists?

  • How does your front lawn look ’Spring/Summer’ versus ‘Winter’?

  • Selling in an ‘off season’ might mean less competition for buyers?

  • Thoroughly research the market that you are selling your home in before you bring in the professional (including nearby sales)

  • Attend auctions as if you were a ‘buyer’

  • Have you got the right selling agent on board ? Do they fit with your values & expectations? Check their credentials!

  • Don’t get too emotionally invested or subjective when selling. You’ve already made the decision to sell!

  • Depersonalise your home , removing clutter, family photos, neutralise colours, paint , fix niggling issues (leaking taps etc). Think like a buyer! A professional home stylist might be worth engaging?

And don’t forget if you have a mortgage on your existing home, can you transport that mortgage to your new place of residence?

Happy home selling!

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