Wednesday 21 November 2018

This is when we are holding our 'Latest News & Views: Information Seminar' As always there will be great guest presenters and it is being held at the Westport Club again. Invitations have been posted and emailed to you recently, so make sure you keep an eye out for them. Otherwise I have attached the invitation below. Invitation We hope to see you there.

Be the change you wish to see

However, it’s a sad reality that everyday we are exposed to bad role models who don’t keep their promises, whether it be politicians, employers, workplace colleagues, or even friends and families. But Alex is adamant that people should care about changing the world though promises made and kept, and that change begins at the grassroots level. “When we carry around this dangerous idea that the actions of one person doesn’t matter, then that idea costs the world. People stop voting, people don’t volunteer, people don’t show up for engagements, people don’t care. Society breaks down." “So, keeping promises might seem simple and easy to do, but it’s not. You only need to scratch the surface to u

One income or two?

Living on just one income can be a challenge whatever the circumstances. For singles and couples, with or without children, budgeting for all your household expenses is easier when you take steps to manage your money in a different way. Juggling work, family and finances When a family of two becomes three, it’s usually the case that one partner is going to drop their income, for a while at least. And even if paid parental leave is available to one (or both) of you, it’s only going to plug the gap in your budget for so long. Add to this the potential for having more than one child, multiplied by the cost of raising them and you’re looking at a significant long-term impact on both earnings and

The Future of Interest Rates

Recently in Australia we have seen the majority of commercial banks raising their variable home loan rates for their customers anywhere between ten basis points to around ¼ of a percent. It’s important to understand firstly, why this is occurring and secondly, whether it can and will continue? I’ll step back a little at first just to give you some important information which will help with the understanding. As you know banks are intermediaries that buy money on one side and sell it out on the other side, pocketing a margin through that process. Because businesses and consumers transfer money between each other every day in countless numbers of transactions and volumes it’s important for bot

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